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Sign Up For Lacrosse

Registering for Delano lacrosse -- whether it's a full season or a clinic -- is easy and relatively quick, depending on whether you're a new or returning player. Allow 10-15 minutes to complete the steps below. 

1. Visit the Girls and Boys pages for dates, practice times, approximate number of games, etc. Scroll below for fees. 

2. Obtain or renew your player's USA Lacrosse player number.  Pro tip: Put your player's USA Lacrosse number in a handy place. You’ll need it to sign up for tournaments, etc. 

3. Follow the links below to register.


Level USA Lacrosse Spring Summer Fall
6U CO-ED $15 $40 N/A N/A
Boys 8U $30 $50 $50 N/A
Girls 8U $30 $50 N/A N/A
Boys 10U $30 $100 $100 $150
Girls 10U $30 $100 $100 $125
Boys 12U $30 $200 $200 $175
Girls 12U $30 $175 $175 $125
Boys 14U $30 $225 $225 $175
Girls 14U $30 N/A $200 $125
Boys HS $30 N/A N/A $200
Girls HS $30 N/A N/A $150
Boys August Skills Camp N/A N/A N/A $60
Girls August Skills Camp N/A N/A N/A $60



Get TeamSnap, the app Delano coaches. team managers and lacrosse families use to communicate about practices, games, ride shares and more.

Get TourneyMachine, the app associations use for tournament communication.

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