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Delano Lacrosse is hosting summer tournaments July 20 and July 27-28 that earn revenue for our entire club. Volunteers are required to run them. This is the only source of revenue for our club outside of registration fees. 

There are two options to help support the summer tournaments:  volunteer your time or buy out your volunteer time. We encourage families to volunteer their time, but understand that not all families will be able to volunteer.

We hope to continue hosting these tournaments to avoid other fundraisers. Please help us continue to make this a success! 

If you choose to volunteer:

  • We estimate it will be 2 shifts for your time during the Boys State Tournament.  
  • The State Tournament is in Delano on July 20th and July 27-28
  • We will collect a $200 check from each family and hold it. If the volunteer time is filled, we will destroy the check. If the volunteer time is not filled, we will cash your check.

If you choose the volunteer buy-out: 

  • It is a one-time fee of $100 for the 2024 season (total for both Spring & Summer).
  • It is a one-time fee per family.
  • The fee will be applied at registration.


Delano Lacrosse is a FUN group of people seeking more volunteers to support our growing program. Taking a leadership role is a great way get to know the game of lacrosse and the families in your community who love it.  Opportunities include: 

  • Coaching (3 max per team)
  • Team Manager
  • Website Support (Shadow Role)
  • Secretary Position
  • Open Board Positions
  • Tournament Coordinator (Shadow Role)
  • Field Lining / Maintenance 

Email to offer your help. We appreciate you sharing your time and talent! 


As you make your way through your child's lacrosse season, watch for on-the-fly ways to help, such as working the time/score table at a child’s game; field setup, monitor or breakdown; or assisting the coaches with any needs they have.